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    Seduced by Léoube’s history, potential and beautiful setting, Lord and Lady Bamford purchased the estate in 1997. Their aim was to make wines with the essence true to the terroir, and to develop the estate’s olive oil production. 
    The Bamfords followed a quality-oriented and environmentally friendly approach, which started in the UK more than 25 years ago with Daylesford Organic. Implementation of their ethos began 10 years ago with the recruitment of Romain Ott, an agricultural engineer specializing in winemaking. He oversaw Léoube’s rejuvenation with enthusiasm and great attachment to the family philosophy. The vineyard is certified organic and follows strict biodynamic principles.
    What they have produced is a refreshing, cheerful Provence rose wine showing the maritime influence, and keeping that exquisite summer feeling alive with floral and citrus aromas. 
    Romain Ott, Léoube’s head winemaker and alchemist, maintains that you can drink it all year round as a perfect dinner party wine.
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