François Mikulski Meursault Meix Chavaux 2019

We’re up there and staying there. These 65-year-old vines exposed to the east and even to the north were largely protected from the “constant sun” that the year experienced. The nose offers a more vertical reading of the terroir, you are taken in by the depth, density, the race of these aromas of bergamot, mandarin, apple, accompanied by a host of spices where we find turmeric, curry and nutmeg, but we are still in 2018 with the candied ginger, an apricot that is present just as much, the orangette. The palate is juicy again with all these fruits and in particular citrus fruits, orange, clementine, mixed lemons, Reinette and Granny apples, then powerful peppers. The finish is ultra spicy, liquorice, rind and leather, very tight, very dense, very tense, a success.