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The Climate

Chablis has become one of the most famous name in wine, and it's probably one of the mostly know white wine around the world. It's name is even copied in some of the new world wine labels. The real Chablis comes from the north of Burgundy from the small town of Chablis and19 others small villages around.

The Chablis appellation only produces white wine from Chardonnay grapes on a hilly clay/limestone and small fossilized oyster shells soil called Kimmeridgean soil.

Chablis is dominated by a Continental climate with harsh winters and hot summers, the annual fluctuation of sunshine and rain brings large variations of quality and quantity between vintages. the winegrower anxiety with the spring frost which can brought down easily the crop to none.

The Appellation

Chablis have four main appellations,

Grand Cru, Premier Cru , Chablis and Petit Chablis. The Chablis village or A.O.C covers most of the appellation.


The Style of Chablis

Chardonnay reigns supreme. It is used for all Chablis wines and has made them famous around the world. The most highly prized among them is Chablis Grand Cru, with its green-gold color and perfect balance between liveliness, dryness and acidity.

You will also appreciate Chablis Premier Cru wines. This appellation encompasses a wide range of aromas from the most mineral to the most floral.
Chablis wines are very dry, and stand out with their freshness and sophistication.
Petit Chablis are wines rich in aromas of white blossom and citrus and are light and full of life.

The"Grand Cru" Chablis

There is seven Grand Cru which represents a total surface of around 100 hectares.

  • Blanchot     11.5 hectares, the lightest ad most accessible.
  • Les Clos      26 hectares, the largest and with the most ageing capabilities.
  • Valmur       13 hectares, similar finesse as Vaudesir
  • Grenouilles 9.5 hectares, the smallest, called frogs due to it's proximity of the Serrein river which is infested with frogs.
  • Vaudesir   16 hectares which includes part of "La Moutonne" shared with Preuses, produces very fine Chablis.
  • Preuses   11 hectares, considered the most elegant of all.
  • Bougros   16 hectares, very similar to Blanchot with a bit more of rusticity.

The"Premier Cru" Chablis

There is forty Premier Cru vineyard which represents a total of 17 classified climate.

  • Mont de Milieu - Vallée de Chigot
  • Montée de Tonnerre - Chapelot, Les Chapelots, Pied d’Aloup, Sous Pied d’Aloup, Côte de Bréchain
  • Fourchaume - Vaupulent, Vau Pulan, Les Vaupulans, La Fourchaume, Côte de Fontenay, Dine-Chien, L’Homme Mort, La Grande Côte, Bois Seguin, L’Ardillier, Vaulorent, Les Quatre Chemins, La Ferme Couverte, Les Couvertes
  • Vaillons - Sur les Vaillons, Chatains, Les Grands Chaumes, Les Chatains, Sécher, Beugnons, Les Beugnons, Les Lys, Champlain, Mélinots, Les Minos, Roncières, Les Epinottes
  • Montmains - Les Monts Mains, Forêts, Les Forêts, Butteaux, Les Bouts des Butteaux, Vaux Miolot, Le Milieu des Butteaux, Les Ecueillis, Vaugerlains
  • Côte de Léchet - Le Château
  • Beauroy - Sous Boroy, Vallée des Vaux, Benfer, Troësmes, Côte de Troësmes, Adroit de Vau Renard, Côte de Savant, Le Cotat-Château, Frouquelin, Le Verger
  • Vauligneau - Vau de Longue, Vau Girault, La Forêt, Sur la Forêt
  • Vaudevey - La Grande Chaume, Vaux Ragons, Vignes des Vaux Ragons
  • Vaucoupin - Adroit de Vaucopins
  • Vosgros - Adroit de Vosgros, Vaugiraut
  • Les Fourneaux - Morein, Côte des Près Girots, La Côte, Sur la Côte
  • Côte de Vaubarousse
  • Berdiot
  • Chaume de Talvat
  • Côte de Jouan
  • Les Beauregards - Hauts des Chambres du Roi, Côte de Cuissy, Les Corvées, Bec d'Oiseau, Vallée de Cuissy

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