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Blind Corner

Blind Corner is a notable wine estate located in the Margaret River wine region of Western Australia. The estate is known for producing high-quality, artisanal wines with a focus on organic and biodynamic practices.
The estate's vineyards are situated in a prime location within the Margaret River region, benefiting from the region's moderate maritime climate and diverse soil types. These factors contribute to the production of wines that showcase the unique terroir of the area.

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Owners Ben and Naomi Gould started making wines from their sustainably farmed vineyard 10 years ago. The natural wines & styles they produced in the shed had not been seen in Margaret River before and were polarising for the local industry, earning Ben very few fans amongst the local wineries.

Fast forward 10 years and styles they pioneered, such as Petillant Naturel, are being made by a new wave of producers keen to flex their natural muscles, with a few industry stalwarts dipping their toes in the water too. Ben & Naomi now run 24Ha of certified organic & biodynamic vineyards, built a (legal) winery, are raising two young boys & Pippy the dog,  elected Neko the vineyard cat, wrangled Leroy and his flock of hippie chicks, plus rehomed a million or so of Simon’s bees.

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Quindalup vineyard sits on a slight North facing site.  We have the Indian Ocean 4km to the North (Geographe Bay) and 11km to the West.  We sit on coastal sand and pea gravel from the surrounding ridge, with small pockets of clay.  This extends 7-12m onto a porous ‘coffee rock’ base that itself sits over solid granite.The prevailing South West breezes bring a strong maritime influence to the vineyard and subsequent wine.  The salt air also helps minimise disease risk, making it easier to farm organically.  The Indian ocean sits on 3 sides of the Estate, which also helps to calm extreme temperature fluctuations, allowing for a more consistent ripening.

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We have discovered being Organic isn’t enough. More is needed than just taking off the synthetic chemicals to create a long-lasting, sustainable crop, or establish healthy vines, soils and ecosystems.
Biodynamic helps with this, and has proven to be the gold standard of the Organic certification system, but we’ve since looked at extra methods to make the vineyard even healthier again.
It makes sense to encompass everything—the entire property, but also what exists already in the way of native species, replanting spaces and keeping the ecosystem all in-tune together. Native bush, waterways, crops, animals. Pulling it all together in a logical and easy to understand and see manner. The healthier the soils, the stronger the vine and the more resistant to disease they become.