Gamay, a red wine grape variety, is best known for producing light to medium-bodied red wines with vibrant fruit flavors. Originating in the Beaujolais region of France, Gamay has gained popularity for its approachability and versatility.

Gamay wines are characterized by their lively acidity, low tannins, and expressive fruitiness. Flavors often include red berries, especially cherry and raspberry, with floral and sometimes earthy undertones. These wines are typically best enjoyed young, showcasing their fresh and fruity qualities.

While Gamay is primarily associated with Beaujolais, where it is the dominant grape, it has also found success in other wine regions. Beaujolais wines are typically classified into different styles, such as Beaujolais Nouveau (young and released shortly after harvest), Beaujolais-Villages (from designated villages), and Cru Beaujolais (from ten specific villages known for producing higher-quality wines).

Gamay has gained recognition beyond France, with plantings in regions like the United States, particularly in Oregon, where winemakers produce wines that showcase the grape's varietal character while expressing the influence of the local terroir.

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