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DOMAINE GROS CH & FILS, Bourgogne, Prémeaux-Prissey

It is in Burgundy that the GROS family has been producing wine for 10 generations with the same passion. The Gros Ch. & Fils estate was born from the union of André GROS and Renée FAIVELEY. The GROS family is from Ladoix-Serrigny in the Côte de Beaune and winegrowers in Buisson (hamlet of the village) since the 1700s. The FAIVELEY family is from Premeaux-Prissey in the Côte de Nuits and winegrowers since the early 1700s as well. Their estates prospered despite the vagaries of the phylloxera...

The Terroir

Covering an area of ​​11.50 hectares, it is made up of plots ranging from Nuits-Saint-Georges to Aloxe-Corton. The estate's cellar is located in the town of Prémeaux-Prissey.

In The Vineyard

We are committed to the protection of our land, involved in a sustainable development process. We limit our impact on the environment: sustainable cultivation (plowing, disbudding and manual harvesting), no use of weedkillers, our phytosanitary products are partly in organic control.

In The Cellar

We sort our grapes in order to select the best bunches to make our wines. They are aged for a period of 12 to 14 months in barrels of 228 liters for the reds and 500 liters for the whites. The barrels are made from fine-grained 2-year-old wood and made by an association of local coopers.