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Pierre Girardin, Meursault, Burgundy, France

Pierre-Vincent Girardin is the son of Vincent Girardin, who sold his estate in 2012 to La Compagnie des Vins d'Autrefois. At 21 years old, Pierre Girardin is making wines that looks very convincing.

Pierre Girardin is the 13th generation of his family to make wine in Burgundy. This brilliant yet youthful winegrower grew up learning in the vines and cellar of his father, Vincent Girardin. As a teen, Pierre was often found on a tractor or near barrels with his dad.

Pierre’s viticulture is organic, moving toward full certification. He follows the lunar calendar for every action and uses next-level pure compost from the family farm.

The terroirs are important, as Pierre-Vincent Girardin is a man of terroir. He wants his wines to express the mineral side of Burgundy rather than producing overly concentrated and dense wines.

The style is very much geared to expressing the terroir, and trying to find the sweet spot where the vineyard is showing its best mineral side and balance


The rare combination of youthful talent, suppression of the human ego in deference to terroir, and minimal intervention is a joy to witness in the inaugural releases from Domaine Pierre Girardin. The subtleties of fine Pinot Noir and Chardonnay in a package of elegance and purity is on full display in these gorgeous 2017s.