Savoie, France

Savoie, France

The Savoie wine region, nestled in the stunning Alpine landscape of eastern France, is a hidden gem that offers a unique and captivating wine experience. Situated near the borders of Switzerland and Italy, Savoie is known for its crisp mountain air, picturesque vineyards, and wines that reflect the region's alpine charm.

The cool climate of Savoie, influenced by the nearby mountains and alpine lakes, creates ideal conditions for the cultivation of white grape varieties. Chasselas, Jacquère, Altesse, and Roussanne are among the key grape varieties grown here. These grapes thrive in the high-altitude vineyards, resulting in vibrant, refreshing white wines with bright acidity, delicate aromatics, and a distinct minerality. Savoie whites often showcase flavors of green apple, citrus, white flowers, and sometimes hints of mountain herbs, offering a delightful and unique drinking experience.

In addition to white wines, Savoie also produces some noteworthy reds. Gamay, Mondeuse, and Pinot Noir are the primary red grape varieties grown in the region. The red wines of Savoie are light to medium-bodied, with bright fruit flavors, subtle earthiness, and a touch of spice. They are versatile, food-friendly wines that pair well with regional dishes like charcuterie, hearty mountain cuisine, and cheeses.

Savoie's winemakers take great pride in their craftsmanship and are dedicated to preserving the region's winemaking traditions. Many vineyards in Savoie are worked manually, and sustainable farming practices are embraced to ensure the quality and expression of the wines.

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