Domaine Chanrion Effervescence de Gamay N.V

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Body level 4
Taste level 2

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Domaine Chanrion's Effervescence de Gamay N.V combines the complexity of a sparkling wine, with the vibrancy of Gamay grapes, making it a perfect bottle for any occasion. Crafted with a unique méthode ancestrale, the flavors of this elegant bottle range from dark red fruits to violets, and are balanced by a pleasing acidity. Enjoy the Domaine Chanrion Effervescence de Gamay N.V today!

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Domaine Chanrion

An estate rooted in the brouilly hillside, Nicole and Romain CHANRION are located in the heart of the vineyards, on the slopes of Mont Brouilly. They now run a family wine estate on a human scale handed down through eight generations.

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