Viognier is a white wine grape variety celebrated for its aromatic intensity, floral notes, and rich, full-bodied character. Originating in the Northern Rhône region of France, Viognier has gained global popularity and is cultivated in various wine regions around the world.

Viognier wines are known for their distinctive aromas, often featuring floral notes such as honeysuckle, orange blossom, and jasmine. The grape also imparts flavors of ripe stone fruits like peach, apricot, and sometimes tropical nuances. Viognier typically produces wines with a lush texture and lower acidity, contributing to their round and opulent profile.

In France, Viognier is a key grape in the production of Condrieu wines, which are highly regarded for their aromatic complexity and richness. Outside of the Northern Rhône, Viognier has found success in regions such as the Languedoc and the South of France.

Viognier has gained prominence in the New World, particularly in regions like California, where it is often used to produce varietal wines or blended with other white varieties. Australian winemakers have also embraced Viognier, creating expressive wines in regions like McLaren Vale and the Eden Valley.

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