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Domaine Brial

Domaine Brial is a winery located in the Roussillon region of southern France. Situated in the foothills of the Pyrenees, the estate benefits from a unique combination of Mediterranean climate, diverse terroir, and a long winemaking tradition.

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Dom Brial was created in Baixas in1923 as a response to the major viticultural crisis that France was going through. A handful of winegrowers joined together around a common conviction: “Together, we stand strong”.
It was in this spirit of solidarity and excellence that our winery was created. The cooperative expanded very rapidly; this cornerstone of solidarity proved to be very productive for each and every vineyard and our reputation quickly spread beyond Roussillon.
Our collective of winegrowers clearly demonstrated the strength of this solidarity when the name Dom Brial was selected in 1985 as a mark of recognition of our best wines.
DOM BRIAL, a Dominican priest born in Roussillon, bequeathed a perpetual annuity to the communes of Baixas and Pia so that they could each maintain a school for the poorest children in the area.
The Baixas winegrowers, the cream of the crop in Catalan viticulture, knew how to prosper and make their vineyard and production tool highly successful. They were also able to garner interest and train with their 3 neighbouring cousins, who shared their vision and business strategy.
Today we represent 247 winegrowers who are passionately committed to cultivating 2,100 hectares of vineyard.

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The Vignobles Dom Brial currently extend across 2,100 hectares and 30 communes. Baixas, an historic kingdom, accounts for more than one third of this surface area, but our domaine has rapidly expanded to the surrounding communes (Calce, Rivesaltes and Peyrestortes, to name but a few), now composing a combined surface area that is representative of Roussillon.
Since 1989 we have identified the different types of terroirs in our collective, in order to adapt them to the most suitable productions. This work was completed in 2001 and 2005 through a detailed identification of the plot in each vineyard.
With a patchwork of around a dozen terroirs, we have prioritised 5 which seemed to best represent our collective as a whole.

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At the current time we are developing a “Côtes du Roussillon Villages Communale” AOC, in recognition of our know-how and our terroir, combining traditional extraction methods, including the maceration of whole bunches of grapes.
But our know-how does not stop there, it is pivotal across the Natural Sweet Wines category, for which we are one of the main producers, with a cultivation capacity in excess of 600,000 litres aged in wood for Rivesaltes AOC.
Combined with a high-yield technique, and managed by technicians that are leaders in their field, very early on in the process we wanted to establish and provide assurance of our expertise and know-how by being ISO 9001 certified, as well as guaranteeing the hygiene and safety of our productions by becoming IFS certified (across our entire site and all activities).