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Domaine du Banneret

Nestled within the prestigious Châteauneuf-du-Pape appellation in the Rhône Valley, Domaine du Banneret is a captivating estate that embodies the true spirit of winemaking. Steeped in tradition and rich history, this esteemed estate showcases the unique terroir and varietals that make Châteauneuf-du-Pape wines renowned worldwide.

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The Vidal family has deep roots in Châteauneuf-du-Pape - going back to the 16th century. After the tough times following WWII, the family was forced to sell their modest landholdings. More than forty years later in 1989, Jean-Claude Vidal, tired of the fast-paced architect’s life in Toulouse, bought back his family’s original 7 parcels totaling just 3 hectares and made his dream come true.

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The nine plots are located in different localities, so the production comes from a very varied terroir. It is in the South-West part that we find the rolled pebbles typical of our appellation. The vines located in the North-East of the appellation benefit from excellent exposure. . The wines from this terroir are characterized by their finesse and elegance. The vines are old, they produce low quality yields. The average age of the vineyard is 70 years, the old vines are regularly replaced by new vines respecting the planting chosen by our elders. The vineyard is managed with respect for the environment thanks to the use of organic composts. Regular plowing and the use of light treatments ensure good health.

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Each vintage is aged according to ancestral methods. After being harvested by hand, the harvest is crushed without destemming for a long vatting period Slow fermentation takes place naturally thanks to the sole action of native yeasts - those present on the skin of the grapes. No addition of yeast is therefore necessary. Slow maceration gives the wine its purple colors, its power, its aromas. At the end of two years of aging in old barrels, clarified by natural decantation and regular under-drawing, the wine preserves all its original elements and tannins, the benefits of which are recognized.
A 30 HL barrel and a few demi-muids complete the aging of our wines. The selection of our woods is extremely rigorous in order to respect the profile and personality of each vintage. We accompany the wine for 24 months with great attention so that at the end of its aging it finally reveals itself to you in all its authenticity.