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Domaine Henri & Gilles Buisson

The Henri & Gilles Buisson estate, certified organic since 2009, now works its entire vineyard biodynamically.
A bias that responds to the family's deep values: protecting the ecosystem, respecting the environment, preserving the character and originality of each climate so that it is expressed in each of their wines.

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The Buisson family name is closely linked to the destiny of Saint-Romain, a wine-growing village since its origins. Everyone, for as long as we can remember, have always worked the vineyard since 1758. It was Henri Buisson, a true pioneer, who bought 5 hectares of vines and thus wrote the first page of the family destiny, in setting up as an independent winemaker in 1947, the date on which Saint-Romain obtained its AOC.
Franck and Frédérick Buisson, sons of Gilles and grandsons of Henri, took over in 2008, their passion for wines and their terroir as their heritage. They love this land and intend to tell it in their bottles, make it known throughout the world and, above all, respect it. Henri Buisson already followed the “organic” trends of his time, in the 60s and 70s. Today, it is a vineyard of almost 20 hectares, certified “ORGANIC” since 2009, which the two brothers operate entirely biodynamically. since this year.

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Protecting the ecosystem, monitoring their carbon footprint, thinking and acting in a global, innovative and ecological way in order to respect their environment, this is the commitment that Franck and Frédérick have made. Their approach extends to the thoughtful selection of corks, bottles and equipment.
The two brothers also made the choice to preserve the character and originality of each climate. A bias which requires supporting each terroir as best as possible so that it produces a wine that resembles it and preserving this specificity by limiting interventions as much as possible.

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During vinification, each wine is tasted daily for very personalized monitoring. Through their different appellations, Franck and Frédérick create a mosaic of unique flavors. Each of their wines is a faithful reflection of the climate where it was born.
Their pride: producing wines that they love, which speak of their terroir and which, with their originality, appeal to palates with varied expectations and find an audience throughout the world. Today, the Henri&Gilles Buisson estate exports to around twenty countries and intends to continue to promote the climates of the Burgundy vineyard far and wide.