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Domaine Plageoles

Since 1805, the Plageoles estate has produced Gaillac wine from local grape varieties such as Mauzac or Ondenc for white wines or Duras , Braucol and Prunelart for red wines.
Deeply attached to the two-thousand-year-old wine producing region, the Plageoles estates have constantly improved and maintained this marvelous winemaking profession.

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The Plageoles estate has been exploited since 1805. Phylloxera has only just touched it. Its deep clay-limestone soils allowed the vines to resist the devastating effects of the terrible vine disease.
Today it is made up of two farms: the Très Cantous estate , in the town of Cahuzac sur Vère, a family property, and the Roucou-Cantemerle estate , in the town of Castelnau de Montmiral. The entire estate today is 25 ha.Seven generations have refined the estate and expanded it: Jules, Francois, Emile, Marcel, Robert, Bernard, Florent and Romain.

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Located in the north of the Tarn department in South West of France, the Gaillac Appellation area covers 2,500 hectares spread over 73 communes .
Today, the Appellation brings together around a hundred private cellars and three cooperative cellars.
The variety of terroirs (three in number), the age of the vineyard and its climatic diversity allow Gaillac to present a varied and traditional grape variety. Thus, this diversity of the Gaillac vineyard results in a wide variety of wines produced which make up a multiple range of dry, sweet and pearly white wines, red and rosé wines, and sparkling wines.

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We claim local wines . All our plantations are carried out after rigorous massal selection .
All these wines are produced according to principles respectful of the terroir and using natural cultivation techniques : no chemical fertilizers , no weedkillers , no synthetic products , no dry yeasts , no chaptalization ...
For 20 years now, we have been applying the “Cousinié” method which is essentially based on plant nutrition: addition of trace elements either from the leaves or from the soil in organic fertilizer after analysis of the soil, foliage and berries…
All our vines are grown in “goblet” pruning (not trellised), a traditional Gaillac pruning which is unfortunately tending to disappear due to the use of harvesting machines.
This size is very adapted to climatic conditions and in particular to the warming that we have been observing for several years.