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Florian & Marie Curtet

Our wine is an intimate representation of our values ​​as farmers, winegrowers and people. Coming only from our grapes, without artifice with the sole claim of telling a story. That of human, diversified, nourishing, autonomous, fertile and sustainable viticulture.

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After many years of apprenticeship, Florian and Marie Curtet have risen as the successors to the dynamic Savoie producer, Jacques Maillet, who made his last vintage in 2015. They have christened their new venture Domaine Curtet, comprised of the same 5-hectare estate on the hillsides above the Upper Rhone River near Switzerland. Two different vineyard sites highlight the Domaine holdings. The traditional grape varieties of Champagne—Gamay and Pinot Noir—are planted in the commune of Serrieres en Chautagne in the lieu-dit Vignes du Seigneur—or ""The Vines of the Lord."" Nearby, in Motz's village, the traditional Savoie grape varieties of Mondeuse, Jacquère, and Altesse are found in the vineyard known locally as Cellier des Pauvres—or ""Cellar of the Poor."

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Chautagne benefits from a climate of southern influence, conferred by the Rhône Valley and the proximity of Lac du Bourget. In the past, it was nicknamed “ Little Provence of Savoie ”. The olive tree and the fig tree are witnesses to this, present on our hillsides, they benefit from mild winters and hot, sunny summers.
Our soil is composed of molasse or molassic sandstone, it is a sandy-loamy soil of marine origin.
We seek to move away from monoculture, to recreate a very diversified system where the soil is no longer a simple production support, where the vine is not alone on stage, where the machine no longer has its place and where that of Man is to accompany, to let things happen and no longer to exploit.

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Our wines are an extension of the work in the vineyard. We process all our grapes, and only our grapes, in our cellar, without inputs in winemaking and aging.
Here too we try to let things happen, to let go, to learn from our mistakes.
We want our wine to represent our commitment to the vineyard. Always blended and variations in aging: short or long, in concrete, sandstone or old casks, lightly filtered or not, lightly sulphated or not.
Our wines reflect the energy and diversity present in our vines!