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Mas del Perié Fabien Jouves

Domaine Mas del Perié is a winery located in the Cahors appellation in southwest France. Fabien Jouves, the owner and winemaker, is known for his organic and biodynamic approach to viticulture and his dedication to expressing the unique character of the Malbec grape, which is the primary grape variety in Cahors.

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Fabien JOUVES comes from an old peasant family in Causse. He became a winemaker in 2006 by creating the Mas del Périé on the highest slopes of Cahors.With ambition and tenacity, he began a long process of analysis of the soils, conversion to biodynamic faming, long ageings on lees in barrel and now amphora.
Today, Fabien Jouves is a winegrower who knows exactly his terroir and the whispers of his vineyard.mAlways listening to his plot's cuvees, he has became one of the best references of the Cahors appellation.

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Malbec (Côt) is the king grape variety. Due to the location of the estate at the junction of the Quercy’s terroirs hillsides and those of Cahors, the plot selection was obvious to express the different facets of Malbec. Fabien JOUVES has been practicing Biodynamics at Mas del Périé since 2011 (Demeter, Biodyvin). It allowed him to produce more unique wines, reflections of their original terroirs and the emotions of the winemaker over the course of a year.

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The vinification of the grapes in the cellar is done naturally without any oenological input, and the process of the wine until its maturity, in concrete vats, barrels and casks according to its personality.
Fabien believes in minimal intervention and allowing the grape's true expression to shine through. He also works with indigenous yeast for fermentation to further capture the vineyard's terroir.