Antoine Sunier Regnié 2014 Magnum

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 Domaine Antoine Sunier Regnié 2014 Magnum is a top-notch red from famed winemaker Antoine Sunier. 100% Gamay grapes create a vibrant display of ripe cherries, raspberries & floral nuances. Its harmonious balance of fruit & terroir, combined with its organic certification & light-bodied nature, makes this Beaujolais a well-balanced & versatile delight for any occasion. Enjoy with grilled veggies or roasted poultry for an elevated, elegant experience.


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Domaine Antoine Sunier

Domaine Antoine Sunier is a well-regarded winery located in the Beaujolais region of France. The estate is known for producing high-quality wines, particularly from the Gamay grape variety. Antoine Sunier, the winemaker, follows a natural and minimalist approach to winemaking, focusing on expressing the terroir and showcasing the true character of the grapes.

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