Chateau du Cedre Cahors Le Cedre 2005

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Taste level 4

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Wine Attributes 

wine attributes 
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Chateau du Cedre Cahors Le Cedre 2005 is a full-bodied, biodynamic Malbec from Cahors region in France. Its unique organic winemaking process contributes to its distinctive taste and intense rich flavors, including sweet blackberry and black cherry. Perfect for special occasions, this exquisite French Malbec delivers a smooth, velvety finish. Enjoy it best when paired with steak or veal.
Chateau du cedre summary

Chateau du Cedre

Nestled in the prestigious Cahors region of Southwest France, Château du Cèdre is a renowned estate that showcases the unique characteristics of its terroir. The vineyards, located along the Lot River, benefit from the region's limestone and clay soils, which impart a distinct minerality to the wines.

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