Cosse Maisonneuve Carmenet 2019

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Body level 6
Taste level 4

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This 2019 vintage Cabernet Franc from Cosse Maisonneuve is a full-bodied and complex red wine, perfect for savoring with a wide variety of dishes. The flavor profiles emphasize dark fruit such as blackberries and cherries, with subtle notes of cedar and spice on the finish. Enjoy its velvet tannins and balanced acidity. Perfect to share with friends or family.


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Domaine Cosse Maisonneuve

Domaine Cosse Maisonneuve is a prestigious estate located in the Cahors appellation of southwestern France. Situated in the heart of the Lot Valley, the estate is dedicated to crafting exceptional wines that showcase the unique character of the Malbec grape, also known locally as "Côt."

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