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Vina Gonzalez Bastias, Maule, Chile

Viña González Bastías is dedicated to the elaboration of Natural Wines, our vines are 200 years old and are located right by the majestic Maule river. This area is designated as the "secano costero" which means there is no irrigation and we depend on rain and underground waters for the agriculture. We are located midway between Talca and Constitución and you can arrive here by taking a historic train known as the "Last Ramal". The winery is right across the river from the González Bastías Station and visitors will cross the river on a boat to get to the winery.

The Terroir

González Bastías is a town, and a small, family winery in Western Maule owned and operated by José Luis Bastías and Daniela Lorenzo. The property and vineyard are accessed by crossing the Maule River by canoe from the local train station between Talca and Constitucion. José’s family planted their 4-hectare vineyard in the early 1800’s, and they have been cultivating it ever since. Yes, their vines are 200 years old..

In The Vineyard

Jose Luis Gómez Bastías and his family, are the owners of the vineyard in which they work hard to maintain the traditions of the past, producing their wines in the same way as their forefathers did, a clear intention to value the patrimony of González Bastías.

The Vegetal

With only about 4 hectares of vines of mainly aromatic whites like moscatel, Torontel and the ever-present light red País , originally from the Canary Islands, called the Mission grape in North America, the Bastias family have essentially just never changed the way things were done and so have been natural for five generations.

In The Cellar

José farms and vinifies biodynamically and without the use of machines. The vineyard is dry farmed. All the fruit is pressed by hand over bamboo zarandas into open top cement vats. The wines are then aged in either barrels or amphora. These wines are all made without corrections and without the addition of sulfur. Their País wines from their sandy, gravely soil are some of the most unique expressions in Chile and are remnants of Chilean ancestry, which is in danger of extinction. They are natural, honest wines.