Fabien Jouves Cahors Amphore Gres 2021

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Body level 5
Taste level 3

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  jouves amphore gres 2021

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Fabien Jouves Cahors Amphore Gres 2021 is an exceptional malbec red wine, carefully aged in terracotta bottles to enhance its distinctive character. This limited edition enhances complexity with aromas of blackberry, blackcurrant, and violet, finishing with a hint of vanilla. Enjoy a truly unique terroir and taste. Packaged i a wooden single box bottle , perfect for a memorable gift!

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Mas del Perié Fabien Jouves

Domaine Mas del Perié is a winery located in the Cahors appellation in southwest France. Fabien Jouves, the owner and winemaker, is known for his organic and biodynamic approach to viticulture and his dedication to expressing the unique character of the Malbec grape, which is the primary grape variety in Cahors.

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