Henri & Gilles Buisson Saint Romain "Absolu" Blanc 2017

Wine Attributes 

wine attributes 

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Discover the elegant flavors of Henri & Gilles Buisson Saint Romain Absolu 2017. This Chardonnay showcases the expertise of the Buisson family, offering a delightful wine experience. With its vibrant character and careful craftsmanship, it delivers a balanced and enjoyable taste.

Experience the enticing aromas of ripe orchard fruits and delicate floral notes, reflecting the true essence of Chardonnay varietals. This wine is produced without the use of sulfites, ensuring a more natural expression of flavors.

Enjoy the harmonious balance and long-lasting finish that this Chardonnay provides. Whether enjoyed on its own or paired with your favorite dishes, Henri & Gilles Buisson Saint Romain Absolu 2017 is sure to please your palate.

Experience the pure pleasure of this sulfite-free Chardonnay. Add Henri & Gilles Buisson Saint Romain Absolu 2017 to your wine collection and savor the genuine flavors it offers. Cheers to enjoying quality wines in their authentic form.

About the Producer

About the Producer


Domaine Henri et Gilles Buisson is an esteemed winery that showcases the rich heritage and exceptional winemaking traditions of Burgundy. Located in the picturesque village of Saint-Romain, this family-owned estate has been crafting outstanding wines for generations.

The domaine's vineyards are situated in the renowned Côte de Beaune region of Burgundy, known for its world-class Chardonnay and Pinot Noir wines. The vineyard holdings span several premier appellations, including Saint-Romain, Auxey-Duresses, and Meursault. The diverse terroir of these vineyards, characterized by limestone-rich soils, varying elevations, and mesoclimate variations, imparts unique characteristics to the grapes grown here.

At Domaine Henri et Gilles Buisson, meticulous vineyard management practices are employed, following sustainable viticultural methods. The vines are carefully tended throughout the year, with great attention to detail to ensure optimal grape health and flavor development. Hand-harvesting is practiced to selectively pick only the ripest and highest-quality grapes.

The winemaking philosophy at the estate is centered on minimal intervention, allowing the true expression of the terroir and grape variety to shine through. Fermentation takes place using indigenous yeasts, contributing to the complexity and authenticity of the wines. Aging occurs in French oak barrels, adding subtle nuances of oak and enhancing the structure and aging potential of the wines.

The wines of Domaine Henri et Gilles Buisson are celebrated for their exceptional quality and finesse. The white wines display a remarkable balance of freshness, minerality, and layers of citrus and stone fruit flavors, while the red wines exhibit elegance, aromatic complexity, and silky tannins. These wines beautifully reflect the characteristics of their respective appellations, showcasing the distinctiveness of Burgundy's terroir.

With a dedication to traditional winemaking practices and a deep respect for the land, Domaine Henri et Gilles Buisson has earned a reputation for producing wines of remarkable consistency and excellence. Each bottle represents the artistry and passion of the Buisson family, capturing the essence of Burgundy's winemaking heritage.