Plageoles Terroirist Mauzac Nature 2014 Magnum

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Plageoles Terroirist Mauzac Nature 2014 Magnum is a sparkling wine from the South of France. This wine is made with Mauzac grapes from biodynamic production and aged in magnum bottles. Its taste is clear, dry, and mineral, with notes of quince, pear, and citrus. Enjoy this refreshing sparkling wine.

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Domaine Plageoles

Since 1805, the Plageoles estate has produced Gaillac wine from local grape varieties such as Mauzac or Ondenc for white wines or Duras , Braucol and Prunelart for red wines.
Deeply attached to the two-thousand-year-old wine producing region, the Plageoles estates have constantly improved and maintained this marvelous winemaking profession.

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